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    Theme Parks, Attractions and Shows

    Guardian Entertainment works to create innovative attractions and theme parks, not just in India, but across the globe.The design team at GME works closely with clients and consultants to bring ideas to life. Built with precision and customized advanced technology, each of these attractions or parks are unique in the way they are conceptualised and created. When working with GME, it’s an assurance that the best creative minds in the industry are at work to transform the story into an unforgettable experience.


    Museums are time capsules! They possess a wealth of knowledge, history and information. They are an interface between the past and the present. When GME works for any museum, it doesn’t remain just a candid showcase. The team puts its heart and soul in making these museums breathe and talk to the visitors.

    We believe we are always evolving & learning. Everyday is an opportunity to push ourselves to higher limits.. And it always pays off.. We have many "First’s" to our credit,

    • India’s First simulator ride film production
    • India’s first Simulator stereoscopic film production
    • India’s first biggest mapping show
    • India’s biggest Giant screen theatre
    • India’s largest dark ride
    • India’s first and largest indoor theme park
    • India’s first character mapping
    • India’s first show control equipment production

    with every project we strive to strike a balance between creativity & engineering. Our creative teams are here to listen, understand & bring your ideas & visions to life.

    “Working with this team will be an incredible experience, just like mine. First because they will do everything they can to satisfy all your requests, even if they have to work days and nights. Second because they're curious and humble, ready to learn anything new all the time; a priceless quality in this industry. And last but not least, because they're the most kind and generous people I've worked with. Amazing thing to see people smiling when the deadline comes and stress with. Thank you so much, guys!”

    - Cloud Nine Studios

    “Guardian Entertainment is an invaluable asset to our company. Their team is committed to the high standards we are seeking for our clients. They produced stunning media for our attractions in the past years, and we look forward to our future collaboration.”

    - Henry Corrado

    Life @ GME

    We are storytellers. We love to tell stories. One visit to our studio and you will admit that you have never met better yarn spinners! As the entertainment arm of Guardian Corporation, we at GME translate stories into entertainment. From concept, design to execution, we offer a full range of services to deliver a thrilling dose of entertainment. Every project is custom made to create the highest level of experience for customers around the globe.


    AT GME, the thrill of challenge is what makes the process of work enjoyable. Executing any theme park project is a gigantic task but our teams of engineers and designers works round the clock to ensure that our deadlines are never missed. Leaving no room for failure, we at GME, believe in delivering the best when it comes to quality and surpassing it with every project we undertake.


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