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    Every master plan created by GME respects all the guest needs, ease of visitor circulation, maximum creative use of all available areas and psychologically appropriate placement of all the attractions. From memorials to botanical parks, master plans created by GME have always created distinct landmarks everywhere.

    Scenic Design and Production

    At GME, we have a talented in-house team, which creates the finest sets for our attractions. The recreation of Ajanta caves and the miniature version of Taj for the Secret Chamber attraction are a few examples that reflect the skill and expertise of our team. Our competency lies in recommending a clever media mix in relation to the requirement of the project.

    Special Venue Media Production

    Theme parks and museums always require specially tailored movies of unusual sizes. Very few organisations have the expertise to create such media and GME is one of them. We are perhaps the only organisation in India or even Asia who possess the technology and expertise to create simulation films, mapping shows, holographic presentations for theme parks and museums.

    Light and Sound

    Light and sound is the life of any attraction. Without the right lighting and sound effects, an attraction is nothing but a dead piece of art. Be it under water or a wild jungle attraction, the team of experts at GME can make magic with lights and sound.

    Integration and Show Control

    The heart of any attraction lies in the final integration of all elements and the effective show control. And that is where skill is of utmost importance, to ensure that the right movement happens at the right time in the right order. The team at GME is adept at writing special programmes that fire these effects, media, lights and sound, and synchronise the entire show, perhaps, one of the very few companies in Asia that can execute this efficiently.


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